Event: Free Masterclass

Who am I? The road to cultural discovery

May 16, 2024 | 9.00am (EST), 3.00pm (CET) | Online: Zoom Webinar

Masterclass: Who am I? The road to cultural discovery

The Challenge

Your own culture is invisible to you until you look for it, but it drives how you think, act and interact. It determines how others perceive you and how you perceive "normal."

The Solution

This masterclass and learning path will show you how to identify your cultural make up. You'll learn how to recognize and interpret cultural behaviors - your own and other people's!

The Outcome

- A first step toward cultural intelligence
- Greater self- and other awareness
- Simple cultural strategies

Meet your CN Coach

Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson

Megan’s broad background spans over 18 years of working in the field of corporate leadership development. This work has included the design and delivery of numerous leadership and team development programmes at all levels of leadership in both large and small organizations. She has lived in Africa, North America and the UK and has worked in over 20 countries. Megan is specialized in addressing the challenges faced in performance conversations, namely giving feedback, managing conflict and engaging others in an inclusive manner.

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