Event: Free Masterclass

Saying No to Power

April 18, 2024 | 9.00am (EST), 3.00pm (CET) | Online: Zoom Webinar

Masterclass: Saying No to Power

The Challenge

Saying no causes worry and threatens relationships. In times of change, we want to show willing and be positive. But saying no is really hard and often we do anything to avoid it.

The Solution

This masterclass and learning path will explain why being able to say no is essential. Learners will build confidence and have a structure to say no that benefits them and the business.

The Outcome

- Greater confidence
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Better decision making

Meet your CN Coach

Andy Brough
Dr. Andy Brough

Andy has designed and delivered a wide variety of leadership programs across the globe. As a big picture-bottom line thinker, he facilitates around organizational and management development in effective communication, as well as transformational leadership, cultural intelligence and personal effectiveness. He combines this with extensive face-to face individual coaching as well as group facilitation and training. Andy is also a specialist in virtual classroom delivery and facilitation. Andy is the author of Leadership: The Exponential Effect.

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